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Heated Water Line Systems

Heated Water Line Systems

Heat-Line® Freeze Protection Systems


Scobie Heating is the Heat-Line® distributor for the Frontenac area.

Like a growing number of Canadians, people have traded their city home for full-time life at the cottage. And as anyone who has attempted this will tell you, one of the biggest technical challenges is getting year-round running water from a landscape with shallow soil cover, delivered reliably to buildings without basements.

Preventing water lines from freezing during cold Canadian winters is the trick, and it requires specialized plumbing technology.  Heatline cable systems were designed for preventing frozen water pipes during our Canadian winters.

Heat-Line®, a division of Christopher MacLean Limited, has been awarded 2 of the most coveted awards in the Hardware Business in Canada.


Heat-Line® is a job-ready freeze-protection kit used for new installations, where pipe and freeze protection of domestic water supply is required.

Heat-Line® can be used in many applications including, cottages, homes, resorts and farms.



Heat-Line® is used to freeze-protect water supply pipes from a lake, river, drilled or dug well where burying below the frost line is not an option.



Heat-Line® is manufactured complete with the self-regulating heating cable factory installed in a 1″ or 1 ¼”, 75 PSI, CSA approved polyethylene pipe with the necessary plumbing fittings supplied. A 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter is integral within the electrical cord-set.




 Heat-Line® has accepted these awards for the Paladin heating cable used in combination with EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings. Paladin and EDGE-CUTTER are designed to prevent ice build-up, icicles, or ice dams on the roof edge and valleys using only a single run of heater.

The EDGE-CUTTER flashing is installed under the leading roof edge using screws, nails, or adhesives. The Paladin system is then installed within the channel with a cap securing it in place creating an aesthetically pleasing system.

If you are looking for assistance in finding a winter water solution for your home or cottage,

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